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Monogrammed One Touch Package of Hope

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“One Touch from God is Greater than All the World Can Offer." 

Don’t waste a third of your life! Nighttime is a great time for inspiration. Even though our minds are stilled, our hearts are fully awake. A pillow can certainly be your personal meeting place with your Creator night after night. Packages of Hope have been sent all around the world to those in need. Each package contains several items, all neatly packaged in a beautiful golden bag. Each One Touch Pillowcase is embroidered with the One Touch logo on the hem, and inside each pillowcase is a fabric label declaring “One Touch from God is Greater than All the World Can Offer.” Pillowcases are 100% Cotton and are available in four colors: White, Ivory, Camel, and Sage Green. Personalization is embroidered with a coordinating thread color to match the pillowcase color you choose.

You will find each of the following items in every Package of Hope: 

• One Touch Pillowcase -"One Touch " is embroidered on outer hem of every pillowcase, and a label is sewn on inside of the hem and declares: “One Touch from God is Greater than All the World Can Offer."   
• Music CD - for peaceful sleep  30 min.  - One vocal, One Touch (written by Margie Fontenot, recorded by Kay Hathaway) & the remainder is inspirational instrumental
• Book - One Touch: The Story of an Awakened Heart by Susan Lana Hafner
• Greeting Card - A greeting card, as shown in the above pictures, hangs from each Package of Hope.  Each card says "I'm signing my name below to assure you that prayers are being said especially for you." and space to write who the package is for and to sign your name is provided.