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One Touch - The Story of an Awakened Heart Now with Discussion Guide!

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One Touch: The Story of an Awakened Heart  by Susan Lana Hafner

Book by Susan Lana Hafner
with Pat King

One Touch tells the story of how, against all odds, God performed miracle after miracle in the life of someone who possessed nothing but the will to follow Him.

I read straight through as fast as I could shuffle the pages. It is a captivating story! Her story touched me deeply. I realized afresh how marvelous God's grace is--the miracle of His mysterious workings in our lives and His exceeding love for us. Susan's story made me "re-joice" in the joy of what salvation really means.
- Thetus Tenney
Coauthor, How to Chase God While Chasing Kids

What a power-packed message of the power of God's love! This is one of the most compelling books I've ever read. The underlying theme is what a difference just one touch from our heavenly Father can make in our lives. Thank you for being obedient to "birth" the vision God gave you. It has the potential to transform the lives of men, women, boys, and girls all over the world.
- Carl Richard, MA
Director, One Family Counseling Center
Free Chapel Worship Center, Gainsville, GA

This is a story of redemption. You will experience the gentle hand of the Savior leading Susan and you will be encouraged in your own journey.
- Jane Hansen Hoyt
President, CEO Aglow International