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Dale & Debbie Part 9 - Wildlife Series: Land Mammals

In the past 6 years and 8 months on the road we have taken numerous pictures of wildlife. We chose some of our favorites to share in hopes they may inspire you to get out and find some, especially as…

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Dale & Debbie Part 8 - Traveling Tips: Storage Edition

Below are some ideas that may make traveling in your RV easier for you.They sure help us!Many stores sell glasses separately, and when the box is empty they recycle it. We’ve asked about taking severa…

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Dale & Debbie Part 7 - Our Trip To Alamosa

HELLO, HELLO, HELLO everyone,We were busy this Fall heading back East after leaving Alamosa. Then we spent some time in Richmond, VA taking care of business and doing a bit of visiting. Then we contin…

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Dale & Debbie Part 6 - A Tumbleweed Christmas Tree

Last Christmas we visited Chandler, AZ to see their unusual tree made with 2000 tumbleweeds. It’s been a tradition since 1957 to make the most of their dry climate by creating an arid desert Tannenba…

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Dale & Debbie Part 5 - Monarch Butterflies

Full Timing with Dale & DebbieDale and Debbie have agreed to share their on-the-road stories each month with our ABLifestyles camper family with their own column “Full Timing with Dale and Debbie”. W…

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