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Dale & Debbie Part 17 - Minnesota's North Shore

Minnesota's North ShoreMinnesota boasts 150 miles of breathtaking shoreline between Duluth and the Canadian border. We stayed in Silver Bay and visited as many areas up and down the coast as we could!…

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Dale & Debbie Part 16 - Mississippi Headwaters

Mississippi HeadwatersOne of our reasons for visiting Bemidji, MN was to see the headwaters of the Mississippi River at Itasca State Park in Minnesota’s North Woods. This marker dates back to the 1930…

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Dale & Debbie Part 15 - The Great Lakes State

 Great Lakes StateDo you know why Michigan is referred to as the Great Lakes State? It’s the only state that touches four of the five Great Lakes! It also has the most freshwater shoreline and li…

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Dale & Debbie Part 14 - Why Ohio? Well, Why Not?

We recently spent five weeks exploring the Buckeye state, and what a lot to see and learn! A few people asked us why Ohio, with our response being why not? After all, Ohio offers so many gorgeous wate…

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Dale & Debbie Part 13 - Petrified Forest

Arizona is one of our favorite states with so much to see and do! And one of its not-to-miss natural attractions is the fascinating Petrified Forest National Park. Come take a brief tour with us. It m…

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