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Dale & Debbie Part 33 - Wyoming

Wyoming Hot Springs State Park is located in Thermopolis. The Tepee Fountain greets visitors shortly after entering. Early settlers…

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Dale & Debbie Part 32 - Colorado/Wyoming

Colorado After leaving Nebraska (where my last update left off) we made a stop in Loveland, CO before heading to Wyoming. From there we drove to Denver one day to tour the State Capitol Building.…

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Dale & Debbie Part 31 - Nebraska

Our next stop was Valentine, Nebraska.We rode bikes across an old rail bridge on the Cowbow Trail. It crosses the scenic Niobrara River.There are many horse and cattle ranches just outside of Valentin…

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Dale & Debbie Part 30 - South Dakota

South DakotaNext we headed to another couple of friend’s picturesque farm in Indiana. They had graciously given us an open invitation, and we finally made it work. They had a perfect secluded spot fo…

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Dale & Debbie Part 29 - Cincinnati

With summer coming to an end it’s about time I catch up on our summer travels. We definitely experienced hotter than normal temperatures everywhere we’ve been, and it sounds like that’s been the…

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