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Dale & Debbie Part 14 - Why Ohio? Well, Why Not?

We recently spent five weeks exploring the Buckeye state, and what a lot to see and learn! A few people asked us why Ohio, with our response being why not? After all, Ohio offers so many gorgeous wate…

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Dale & Debbie Part 13 - Petrified Forest

Arizona is one of our favorite states with so much to see and do! And one of its not-to-miss natural attractions is the fascinating Petrified Forest National Park. Come take a brief tour with us. It m…

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Dale & Debbie Part 12 - Visiting State Capitols

Since becoming full-timers we have discovered that touring state capitols is very interesting and a good way to learn about a state. Every state welcomes visitors to their capitol. They are proud to s…

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Dale & Debbie Part 11 - It's a bird...It's a bat!

We have lived in the middle of the woods for 28 years and have never had a bat inside our house. But, since going on the road, we have had one in our motorhome! We were staying just outside Duluth, MN…

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Dale & Debbie Part 10 - Wildlife Series: Birds

Hello everyone!Come fly away from the stresses of everyday life as you look at some of our favorite bird pictures. At some point, most people imagine what it would be like to be a free bird. I don’t m…

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