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Laundering Instructions


Laundering Instructions for Sheets by AB Lifestyles

HOW you launder your sheets is important to their life expectancy, AND your health!

  1. Check your label for any special care instructions. Unless your sheets have special trim chances are there aren’t any special guidelines.
  2. Sort! Keep light colored sheets together and dark colored sheets separate. NEVER wash your towels with your sheets. Towels are too rough and are the number one reason sheets "
  3. Don't use too much detergent. Put your detergent in first and let it dissolve before adding in the sheets.
  4. Water Temperature—It is true that extreme heat can weaken the fibers of fabric. Hot water will kill dust mites. But if you are not concerned about that, warm, cool or cold are fine too and may actually lengthen the life of your sheets slightly.
  5. Wash at least every other week! Consider that your sheets are your bed's "clothes"... You wouldn't wear the same pants for 2 weeks without washing now would you?

Happy Laundering!