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5 Great Tips for RV Maintenance

5 Great Tips for RV Maintenance

13th Mar 2018

If your RV is one of your cherished possessions, it’s important to keep it maintained.

Every owner’s manual provides recommendations for keeping your RV in great shape, and these are our top 5 tips!

TIP #1.)
Much like a standard vehicle, RVs require basic checks for things such as oil and tire pressure. However, it’s important to remember to check all your components. Make sure to have your generator serviced as well as regular checks on your filters for air, fuel, coolant, and hydraulics! 

TIP #2.)
An often-overlooked problem that can be prevented is water damage. Water damage caused by cracks and leaks not only present health concerns, but can also become extremely costly! Inspect your roofing, windows, door seams, and body bi-annually to ensure that you prevent water damage. 

TIP #3.)
Before beginning an RV adventure, make sure to check your batteries. The typical life-span of RV batteries ranges from 2-5 years. Make sure to replace them if needed. You can also protect your batteries during the winter time by storing them to prevent freezing or breaking.

TIP #4.)
Having functionality of every moving part is a key component to the comfort of RVs. With that, safety goes right alongside it. Make sure to keep slide-out rails properly lubricated to prevent rust and corrosion.

TIP #5.)
The most common sense, but neglected action to take with your RV is sensor checks. For both functionality and safety, make sure that your smoke, propane, and carbon monoxide sensors are working.