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Dale & Debbie Part 32 - Colorado/Wyoming

Dale & Debbie Part 32 - Colorado/Wyoming

3rd Feb 2023


After leaving Nebraska (where my last update left off) we made a stop in Loveland, CO before heading to Wyoming.
From there we drove to Denver one day to tour the State Capitol Building. It’s one of a few where guided tours include a trip to the dome observation area, if you are willing to climb the steps.

Engraved into the Capitol's steps.

Governor's Mansion

A hike near Loveland


Next we headed to Cheyenne to tour Wyoming's Capitol Building.

This is the Governor’s Mansion although the governor doesn’t live here anymore. We toured it ~ not as stately inside as the outside.
The Lincoln Monument is located between Cheyenne & Laramie at the Summit Rest Area and Visitor Center. Originally built in 1959 to overlook the Lincoln Highway, it was moved in 1969 after Interstate 80 was built. The bust is made of bronze, is 12.5’ tall and rests on a
30’ tall granite pedestal.

It’s a ghost town now after it’s lone resident for nearly 2 decades left the area in 2012!

The Ames Monument is located in Buford and stands in the middle of nowhere. The pyramid towers over what was once the railroad town of Sherman, a bustling
place where trains stopped to change engines on their transcontinental journey. It’s hard to imagine this area was once a town of several hundred people, a general store, post office, schoolhouse, two hotels and two saloons.

The monument was built by Union Pacific in 1881 at the highest point on the line to honor the Ames Brothers who were influential leaders in the construction of the transcontinental railroad. When the railroad closed its station house and relocated the tracks farther south to take advantage of more gradual grades over the Laramie Mountains in 1918, residents abandoned Sherman. All that’s left is a small cemetery.
We came across a fox and its kits. Their parent was farther away from the kits and ran into the den as soon as it spotted us, but the kits didn’t seem to mind us.
The vixen or dog may have been watching them from another entrance that we could not see.
Moving on to Thermopolis, WY
This is the scenery just across the road from Boysen Reservoir on our way to Thermopolis.

It rapidly changed as we wound thru Wind River Canyon. Every turn offered something totally different and breathtaking.
Our first hike after arriving in Thermopolis was Round Top, which offered yet another type of scenery. It afforded us sweeping views of the area.

In the foreground is a huge cemetery and the background is Thermopolis. Our motor home is out there somewhere!

We hiked in Gooseberry Badlands outside of Thermopolis.

This fella found some shade and stood very still pretending to hide from us. Of course, we didn’t bother him.

There’s said to be more pronghorns in WY than people! I even read there are twice as many, and there’s more in the state than all others states combined.
We definitely saw a lot! Interesting fact: Pronghorns are the fastest running land animal in North America.
Legend Rock State Petroglyph Site
Dale kayaked a section of the Bighorn River.

Next month, part 2 of Wyoming!

As always, happy camping! Until next time -
Dale & Debbie