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Dale & Debbie Part 39 - Utah, Part 1

Dale & Debbie Part 39 - Utah, Part 1

9th Nov 2023

Sand Caves, Slot Canyons & Hoodos
in Kanab, Utah

Our next stop was Kanab, Utah, a town with an "Old West" feeling. Lisa spent her birthday week with us, and we visited many places in the general area.
Downtown Kanab and a butte just outside of town.
Kanab Sand Caves are located right along Hwy. 89. These man-made caves are the remains of sand mining for glass. The mining process was short lived and now we have these awesome caves to explore (for those who can make it up to them).
There’s a rather steep incline up to the caves. You can somewhat see it in the background of the photo on the left. There’s no trail; you choose your own path. I’m not a climber so I didn’t see any way that looked easy! I just followed Lisa. Btw... I later read that many adults have to crawl on all fours part of the way up and/or down. And I was one of those adults!
Lisa took the photo on the left just before we made our way to the end of this cave. It was pitch black and a little bit frightening (to me) not knowing when it would end or what we would see. I used the light on my phone to make my way. The photo on the right is what we saw when we took a picture using the flash.
Heading back out toward the light and one last look out before my dreaded trip back down. The worst thing was how loose rocks and sand made some parts quite slippery. Dale took a couple of pictures of me on all fours, but they are too embarrassing to share. It was definitely worth the steep scramble to see the caves tho!
The Belly of the Dragon is also man-made; it’s a long drainage tunnel than runs under Hwy. 89. You would never know it’s there as it can’t be seen until you turn off the highway and take a dirt road about half of a mile to the entrance. It used to be known only to the locals, but word has gotten out and it’s now a popular hike. Although, we were fortunate to have it all to ourselves! There was one section in the middle that was just about pitch dark. Once again, I used my light so as not to stumble. The water has carved many twists and turns along this narrow path over the years. We headed back thru the dark passageway and on the right, is the light at the other end of the tunnel.
We explored a slot canyon. Where Lisa is standing was the end of the line for us as it narrowed a bit too much. The sun on this rock looked unreal. It feels like you are entering another world when you emerge from a slot canyon.

We made our own little hike trying to find the slot when it was practically in front of our noses! Our mistake allowed us to pass by this lone hoodoo.
Views inside Peekaboo Canyon.
Heading back out of the second slot. Yes, Peek-A-Boo has two for one! You go thru one, turn left into a wide wash, and after a short walk you run straight into a another slot. A ranger we spoke with told us they do not install nor replace ladders that have been washed out as they are not natural. He said the general public installs ladders and ropes in some of the canyons. After learning that, I felt bad using them! I could have climbed up or slid down here without the ladder, but it sure made it easier. I figured if it is there, why not use it. ? I think most older people would! I’d bet that’s who installs them. ?
Scenery on the drive and hike out to The Nautilus.
The Nautilus is a rock formation that is shaped like a corkscrew.
Inside the Nautilus and toadstool hoodoos and the surrounding area.
It was time for Lisa to head back to Richmond. We had a wonderful time together! She captured this photo her last night with us. I love it!