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Dale & Debbie Part 4 - Governor's Mansions

Dale & Debbie Part 4 - Governor's Mansions

8th Oct 2020

Full Timing with Dale & Debbie

Dale and Debbie have agreed to share their on-the-road stories each month with our ABLifestyles camper family with their own column “Full Timing with Dale and Debbie”. We hope you will find their stories and journeys as interesting as we do. Many of us fantasize about becoming full timers and traveling the width and breadth of our wonderful country.
If you can’t just yet, you can tag along with Dale and Debbie and live vicariously through their travels.

Touring Governor's Mansions

Hello again! We wanted to highlight some governor’s mansions we’ve toured. They are free to the public, but times are limited to tour so be sure to check before you go. Most require advance reservations so you have to do a little more planning. But it’s well worth it as they are very informative!

Virginia Mansion

We visited Virginia’s Mansion a couple of years ago. We had toured the capitol before, but this was our first time touring our home state's Governor’s Mansion.
Our son, Brian, served as a page for the Virginia House of Delegates in 2000. Here he is with Governor & First Lady Gilmore inside the Governor’s Mansion at a reception for the pages. He saw the inside long before we ever did!

Nebraska Mansion

View of Nebraska’s Governor’s Mansion from the capitol building. As we drove by the mansion we noticed several large gas grills and wondered why they had so many. On our tour we learned the governor likes to serve grilled Omaha steaks at the dinners they host!

Iowa Mansion

They were working on the front of Iowa’s Governor’s Mansion when we visited, so we only took a picture of the back. So I found an image of the front on the internet to show the full charm of the building!

Ohio Mansion

While touring Ohio’s Governor’s Mansion we were given a buckeye nut to take with us. I had never seen one before. I also learned why Ohio is “The Buckeye State"!

Louisiana Mansion

It stands out because the staff offered everyone a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie after the tour. Now that’s southern hospitality! And First Lady Edwards greeted and talked with anyone who was interested.
Currently we've been out west but have now headed east. We are in the Kentucky area now, but we are about to make a mad dash to Florida for the winter! Stay tuned for more stories of our adventures on the road which we love sharing with you.
- Dale & Debbie.