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One Touch Awakening

One Touch Awakening

  • One Touch Package of Hope

    One Touch Package of Hope


    “One Touch from God is Greater than All the World Can Offer."  Packages of Hope have been sent all around the world to those in need. Each package contains several items, all neatly...

  • One Touch Snuggle Pillow

    One Touch Snuggle Pillow


     “One Touch from God is Greater than All the World Can Offer."  This little snuggle pillow is a secret meeting place with God. If you are afraid of the dark, if someone has hurt...

  • One Touch Awakening CD

    One Touch CD


    One Touch Awakening CD - 30 Min. Meaningful Music for Peaceful Sleep Words and music by Margie Fontenot Recorded by Kay Hathaway

  • Rachel's Best Day book.

    Rachael's Best Day


    Pre-Teen Novel by Pat KingTwelve-year-old Rachael lives under the strict control of Aunt Agnes. “I wish, I wish, I wish I had a real family.” Then something happens that makes Rachael beg to stay...

  • Sam The Explorer Book.  A One Touch exclusive.

    Sam the Explorer


    Sam the Explorer Children’s Activity Book  When Sam receives his new One Touch Snuggle Pillow, he learns the difference between treasure and something treasured.

  • One Touch Pillowcase

    One Touch Pillowcase


    Even though our minds are stilled, our hearts are fully awake Studies have said that the average person is at rest for one third of their life span. Don’t waste a third of your life! Nighttime...